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If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Alex Laybourne


Brazite hated earth. He hated it with all the fury he knew. Ever since he had
been cast out of his world; a world of fire and pain, he had been forced to
wander the mortal end of existence’s coil.     

He sat, as he often liked to do, in the dark, hiding amongst the trees,
searching for any trace of the true darkness his world consisted of, when he
heard the familiar, homesickness inducing sound of terror. A human; a female to be precise, was heading his way. Her cries caught Brazite’s attention; his
interest peaked further when he caught wind of the gang of men that were in a lust drive pursuit of her; their aroma sickened him. 

Watching from within the shadows, Brazite gazed on as the gang caught up to the woman, whose blind footfalls had caused her to stumble. The wood’s floor was abed of wet foliage; it cushioned her fall, but made all attempts to regain her footing a slick impossibility. 

The group was upon her; their guffaws and cheers filled the air as they
ravished her with greedy hands; each man tearing away whichever item of
clothing they had purchase on. 

Brazite smiled at the scene; the trivial emotions of man entertained him so.
Yet, the scene sparked something in him; an idea, a game. 

With a swift movement, Brazite entered the woman; consuming her. None of them noticed the shadow that swept over them; their attentions were otherwise diverted. Four of the men held the girl to the floor, pawing at her with an intoxicated abandon, while the fifth had already removed his pants and entered her. Brazite felt the cold prod of his cock, and it repulsed him, but served as a tidy reminder of how puny the mortal world really was. 

Brazite laughed as he assumed control of the girl’s body. Slowly, her screams
settled and gave way to a giggle which grew into an uncontrollable, deep belly
laugh. The increased pitch at the end of each wave echoed around the woods,
making her seem quite mad. 

“Oh, you like that, bitch?” The man between her legs asked, thrusting harder;
sweat glistened on his brow. 

The girl, Rachael, pulled herself from the grips that held her, for they had
relaxed upon seeing her enjoyment, and wrapped her arms around the man that had invaded her. Brazite pulled the strings like a puppet master; putting on a show. 

“I fuck myself harder than this,” Brazite whispered through her mouth. Their
lips locked, and in that moment, Brazite set the games in motion. 

He forced himself inside the man’s head, revealing his true form to the brute.
The result was impressive to say the least. The man’s brain began to boil, the
gelatinous surface bubbled, and raged like a rough sea. 

The man began to shriek, his large frame jumped away from the girl, whose
laughter continued to fill their air, and only grew as she watched her rotund
attacker dance a jig of death. He bled from every orifice, and made a sound
akin to that of a squealing piglet; his body shutting down in the face of such
incomprehensible evil. He collapsed to the floor, before his friends could
register what was happening. 

Rachael was hauled to her feet by the men, and the fist that drove into her
stomach would have doubled her over, had Brazite not been enjoying himself so much. Instead, she stood tall, and laughed even harder. She reached out and gouged a deep strip of flesh from the second attackers face. He was a skinny man, with dirty eyes and a lecherous smirk plastered on his face. Even as Rachael leaped into him, sinking her teeth into his neck, the grin remained.
The sound of tearing flesh and wet smack of a mouth in mid chew froze the other men to the spot. When Rachael turned, leaving the Lecher to bleed on the floor; his throat ripped open from ear to ear, she had her pick of the two men. They looked alike, brothers, or so Brazite thought. 

Brazite liked family; he had several thousand brothers… brothers he would never see again. This thought powered the wheels of rage even further.  He
roared, and Rachael’s laughter increased into a high-pitched fervor of
delirium. She struck out with both hands, driving her fists through the chests
of the two men. Brazite’s power crushed the bony cage that covered their most vital organs. An endoskeleton of such weak structure puzzled him. Surely it was better to have no thing at all, than such a worthless form of protection.

The men stood; their hearts’ restricted by the hands that
held them. Their faces paled, and as they gazed at the girl, whose petite frame and lascivious dress had spurred their actions, Brazite realized he was being selfish. He should share the carnage with Rachael, and so, before it was too late, he left her body. 

It took a moment for Rachael’s vision to clear, but when it did she felt drained, and initially didn’t notice the men that were attached to her arms. A memory
returned. She looked around, and saw the bodies, the blood. She could taste it
in her throat, and felt it filling her stomach. She began to retch. That was
when she felt the throbbing in her hands, the steadily decreasing beats of
human hearts. The men fell away, their bodies slipping from her arms and
falling to the floor with a wet rush of air. Rachael stood, holding their
hearts, and for a second longer, she laughed. This soon gave way to a shriek,
and eventually became a scream. Her hair turned white, and she fell to the
floor, foam gathered in her mouth, and her eyes rolled into the back of her
head. She fell into a fit which ended with unconsciousness. 

From his position within the trees, Brazite smiled. Maybe being stuck with
mortals could be fun after all. 



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